Weddin Bells a Ringin

Jan/17: Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement yesterday that he is to finally marry his gay homosexual lover Seamus O’Regan brings starry eyes to all Canadians as they cannot help but be enchanted by this sparkling romance.

In today’s climate of islamahomophobia it is refreshing to see these two virile young Canadian men in true love.

Many will recognize Seamus O’Regan as the dashing celebrity news correspondent with Canadian Television Network. Now he is a Liberal MP in Newfoundland. His skills in journalism are invaluable for all Canadians and we applaud his ongoingly stellar political career.

The pair just spent a steamy week in the Bahamas together. They stayed at billionaire The Aga Khan’s private island. The Aga Khan is hereditary jihad leader to 15 million Shiite Muslims. Trudeau and O’Regan were flown to their romantic getaway in The Aga Khan’s private jet. Yesterday, Trudeau was gracious to point out that this was not illegal conflict of interest because The Aga Khan was his father’s friend. Canadians across the country today are Islamically grateful for his explanation skills.

Seamus O’Regan’s boyfriend, Anus O’Pegan, also tagged along on their exotic sojourn. When asked about the trip he commented with enthusiasm, ‘they let me peek at them and watch’.

Upon his blushing return to Newfoundland, Seamus too commented with vigour. “As a staunch hermaphrodite with ambiguous genitalias that are neither male nor female, I am gleeful to report about Justin’s micropenis rubbing my blueberry waffle hole with micro aggression”.

We are all  very proud to be Canadian today. Congratulations boys.



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