Shitty Ways my Friends

All hail the great white hope, fresh faced apple cheeked Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who rides the coat tails of his dead dick shit dad, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Pierre’s legacy is an interminable disaster. His office inherited a prosperous Canadian economy. Then he caused the recessions of 1981 and 1992 with his drunken sailor spending policies.


Pierre undermined Canada’s credibility when he wrote in praise of Dictator Mao’s homocidal regime that killed 45 million people in China. He then proceeded to ass lick murderous dictator Fidel Castro.

L: Dumb and Dumber    R: Castro’s firing squads execute Cubans for escape attempts

Pierre’s son Justin proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with his suckiness upon Castro’s death, expressing his “deep sorrow” and praising Castro as a “legendary orator”.

In typical ass style, Pierre gave his fuck off finger to Quebecers which enflamed the separatist movement and damaged our country’s culture and economy for decades.

Upon losing his last election he finally declared “I regret I won’t have you to kick around anymore.”

During his time in office, his wife Margaret Trudeau spent their sixth wedding anniversary partying with Mick Jagger. She then took off to party at Studio 54 in New York and do porn. Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, had just recently committed suicide in his home by strangling herself with a scarf tied to a doorknob. More likely Mick killed her.


A drug fiend like his mother, Justin is chaotically championing marijuana legalization in spite of opposition and valid health concerns from Canadian Medical Association.


A liar like his dad, he is double crossing his environmentalist voters and building oil pipeline infrastructures bigger than ever seen before while crippling Canadian business with expensive carbon taxes in the name of the globalist climate change hustle.


Blatantly corrupt, he meets with billionaires for pay for play. One just gave $200,000 to the bogus Trudeau Foundation charity plus $50,000 toward a much needed statue of dead narcissist Pierre Trudeau.


Sep/16: Canada’s Prime Minister with George Soros

Known for feeding $9M to the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as $100M to the BLM terrorist group, George Soros is an elite billionaire globalist who uses his money to interfere with governments. He gave Justin and his cronies over $10M last fall to provide for tens of thousands more unscreened Syrian refugees to Canada over and above our 27,000 already. Europe just did this same thing with Soros which resulted in their rampant Syrian refuge rape crisis.


Sep/16: Canada’s Immigration Minister John McCallum with George Soros

And so on, last month, Justin’s underhanded government hid from media attention and sneakily passed an anti-islamophobia motion that strips us of our freedom of speech in the midst of world-wide Islamic bloodshed.

2015: Snot mouthed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shamefully prostrating with muslims in a mosque

Junior is humping Canada’s ass like a mutt in heat with bogus victimology narratives fanned by jihadists and their apologists in favor of their one supremacist ideology above all others.


2015: Islamic State executing 25 infidel soldiers

How bout let’s get Ontario trendy and prostate ourselves locally too. Ontario just passed legislation mandating October official Islamic Heritage Month. Not to be out politically corrected, Montreal is impressively progressive to be offering up a new special no go housing zone for only Muslims to cluster in. Diversity all fancy like the refugees in France:

jt14Our consolation prize from Justin is his assisted suicide legislation to make it easier for Canadians to end their lives. Mercy. Thanks junior.




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